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Enova Developers Recognized for New Methodology that Decreases Page Load Time
Developers Present How to Improve User Experience and Impact Bottom Line in White Paper Accepted Into International EDBT/ICDT Joint Conference

CHICAGO (March 26, 2014) – Two of Enova International’s developers, Henrietta Dombrovskaya and Richard Lee, will be recognized this week for their work on a scalable solution to a problem many organizations face: slow page load times. Their white paper, Talking to the Database in a Semantically Rich Way, was one of nine Industrial Papers accepted into the Extending Database Technology / International Conference on Database Technology Joint Conference. Dombrovskaya will present the white paper at the conference today in Athens, Greece.
“A hot topic many large web-based companies have been discussing and researching is how decreasing page load times – even by milliseconds – can increase revenue,” said Dombrovskaya. Our ‘logic split methodology’ discussed in the paper takes it one step further. Instead of decreasing load time by milliseconds, we can decrease it by seconds. In today’s world, that can make a big difference for the end user or customer.”
Dombrovskaya and Lee’s ‘logic split methodology’ speeds page load time by addressing ‘object relational impedance mismatch.’ Essentially, this means that the application seeking information does not speak the same language as the database where the information is stored. As a result, the application has to run multiple queries to return requested data. By improving the way applications interact with databases, Dombrovskaya and Lee’s logic split methodology decreases the number of queries from tens or hundreds down to one or two.
Preliminary results from Dombrovskaya and Lee’s research at Enova show significant reduction in page load time. For instance, applying the logic split methodology to Enova’s customer service platform resulted in page load time up to 50 times faster.
“Henrietta and Richard’s work has several positive implications, not only for our bottom line, but also for our customers,” said Fred Lee, Enova’s chief technology officer. “When applied to our customer service technology, the methodology allows us to provide our customers with a faster, better service experience.”
The full white paper, Talking to the Database in a Semantically Rich Way, is available on
In its 17th year, the EDBT/ICDT conference is an established international forum for the exchange of the latest research results in data management and research advances on the theoretical foundations of database systems. More information can be found at
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